Green Living | Welcome

… to the Green Living and Sustainability Blog.

This blog aims to give the average person ideas, tips, encouragement, inspiration, and practical advice about how they can make their life more ‘sustainable’ and ‘green’.

This blog is NOT politically motivated, is NOT idealistic, does NOT pretend we can all live in an unrealistic eco-fairyland, and does NOT judge people for their choosing how to live their own life.

We will steer clear from views on climate change, carbon footprints, global corporations etc. If you want to get involved in that stuff, go elsewhere.

It is inevitable that certain buzz-words such as ‘Eco’, ‘Green’, and ‘Sustainable’ will be used, as they are a part of modern life.

All we really mean when using these words (at least on this blog), is that we want to live our life by…

* being less greedy
being less wasteful
* using less natural resources
* knowing where our food comes from
being healthier
* appreciate where we live
appreciate fellow humans

So, with all that out of the way, let’s leave the political and global wranglings aside, and let’s try to live a more rewarding, healthy, considerate and possibly simpler life…